Wake up, love

My eyes flutter open, all the shades are pulled up, and the spot next to me is empty. I walk into the bathroom I share with Dan and brush through my hair. I hear faint humming and sneak over to the kitchen. Standing there is a hobbit haired Dan, making scrambled eggs and bacon.

I sneak up behind him an squeel “BOO!” Sending the spatula Dan was using flying and clattering to the floor as he yells. “You scared the living hell out of me!” He whines, burying his face in my hair. “Say sorry” he pouts.

"Or what?" I ask playfully.

"Or you won’t get any breakfast that’s fucking what" Dan says smirking.

"Catch me, and i’ll apologize!" I say, as I dash out of the kitchen. Dan runs after me full speed, knocking overa lamp and bumping a coffee table in the process. He corners me in the living room and grabs me by my waist, throwing me over his shoulder.

"Victory!" he laughs as he throws me down onto the couch, tickling me mercilessly.

"Please!" I sqeal. "Have mercy!"

Dan lifts my shirt and pins my arms down, blowing, giving me raspberries. I kick and squeal until he lets up. “Is the food done?” I ask, making Dan giggle.

"Is food all you think about?” he asks.

"At the moment, yes." I pout. Dan dashes into the kitchen and after some some clattering and moving about, he comes back with a plate of eggs and bacon. "Ooo gimme gimme!" I say, making clawing gestures.

"No no no," Dan teases " I get to feed you.” he grins. He forks the tiniest bit of egg and feeds it to me.

"Delicious!" I exclaim.

"Not as delicious as you." He smirks, kissing my lips.

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